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These days, Jenna Dewan Tatum is one-half of Hollywood’s cutest couple with husband Channing Tatum, but did you know that
Dewan Tatum when dated Justin Timberlake

Yep, it’s true! Yesterday,
Jenna emerged thoroughly clean about matchmaking Justin
quickly back in 2002, plus the tale behind its absolutely humorous. Jenna ended up being a guest on

Monitor what Happens Live with Andy Cohen

, and she revealed she
outdated Justin after the guy broke up with Britney Spears
. But Jenna had been fast to indicate she wasn’t a rebound chick, and this’s never as “salacious” as every person makes it seem.

At the time, Jenna was a backup dancer for everybody from Janet Jackson to, yes…Justin himself, and she explained their particular short relationship.

“Yeah, we dated. We had been, like, pals that after that outdated so we’re merely really good pals now.”


Jenna assured everybody else that circumstances are not since crazy since news want you to think and she was actually undoubtedly

maybe not

a rebound after Britney.

“however he’s hot. But no, no I was maybe not a rebound. We are still adult friend fiunder. It isn’t really because salacious as everyone else believes.”

a person in addition asked Jenna about the notorious nightclub dance-off that reportedly happened between present exes Justin and Britney, that was presumably powered by Justin’s new love with Jenna. But per Jenna, the dance-off never ever happened, and was actually merely a tabloid rumor.

“It never ever took place, individuals, no! It was in tabloids and everybody believed that this took place. I must say I want i possibly could claim that happened, because that is the greatest story on the planet! It will be thus awesome…but no, it never happened, not too We saw…there was no dance-off. That has been constructed by

All Of Us Regularly


And there you have it, individuals.

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